Bradly J. Wohlgemuth Renegade Pencil
Bradly Wohlgemuth is a Winnipeg artist with a passion for the gritty underbelly of science fiction. Working primarily in traditional ink, he creates worlds filled with gruesome monsters and god-like machines. There is a strong narrative aspect to all of Bradly’s work, even within his standalone illustrations.
After working on creating original art for several years, he has since moved on to creating longer narrative works. His first comic project was creating Baxter the Dead, a webcomic series (later converted to print form) that describes the twisted exploits of a devilish cat. Bradly’s current project, Misery is Company, tells the story of a couple that become involved in a revolution to end their government’s overzealous military actions.
Bradly is hard at work brainstorming ideas for future comics and illustrations. His world of monsters and machines will continue to evolve with every project.